Welcome To The Experiment

My name is John Zeitler. And Linguankery is my game. Linguankery is loosely defined as language plus wankery… or, less vulgarly, playing with language. Lots of writing experiments of mine will find their home here, with the first being probably my most ambitious to date.

Throughout 2009, I’ll be posting my first novel, A Civics Lesson, bit-by-bit, here on this website. I make no promises as to its quality, but then again I don’t claim to be anything more than just a pulp writer. Comments on the story are welcome and greatly appreciated. Depending on the reception, I may offer the book as a full download at the end of the year. Incidentally, just so you’re forewarned, it’ll wrap up in mid-December, not necessarily the literal last of the year.

Without further adieu, I present to you A Civics Lesson.

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