The bell rang, ending recess. Tegan stopped asking the rest of the Antarcticans to sit with her.

The early part of the afternoon saw Phillip in his office, trying hard not to fall asleep. He’d tried not to overindulge, but the simple fact was that Italian food was far too rich for a “business lunch”. He glanced at the clock once he felt he’d burned away enough of the laziness, and found that if he hurried, he could get a hot cup of tea just in time to be barely late to the meeting. He settled for cold water in his mug as he seated himself in the conference room. Chloe followed him in; Daniel was already there.
“I hope you had a good morning, Mister Brookfield,” Daniel said. He was dressed in a fairly modest-looking suit and tie, in contrast to Phillip’s slacks and Hawaiian print shirt; Chloe was somewhere in between, wearing a striped baby-blue dress. “Because this afternoon is going to be rough.”
“So I hear,” Phillip said. “At least it wasn’t Mexican.”
“Pardon me?” Daniel asked. His voice was almost inaudible over Chloe’s giggling.
“It’s nothing,” Chloe said. “We’ll wait a moment more for Katherine.”
Katherine closed the door behind her at that moment, careful to not let her white lab coat get caught. “Sorry,” she said. “I had to see the latest run of the Gateway data.”

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