“If there are no more interruptions,” Daniel said. “Miss Reed, if you would.”
“Of course.” Chloe’s voice took on the edge that Phillip had noted during lunch. “Just to get everyone up to speed, the Seneca Report identified sixty potential candidates for the Twilight Wings program. The interviews of these candidates has been ongoing for a few weeks now.”
“We had the last interview last night,” Katherine said, “and we’re still going over that data. However, the results of the Seneca Report are distressing to us.”
“How so?” Phillip said. “I can’t see how sixty kids would be that bad, especially given our expectations. Of course, I haven’t read the whole thing yet.”
“I am not surprised,” Daniel said. “You do not have access to it.”
“I have parts of it,” Phillip admitted. “But those are still just the investor synopsis and the stuff pertinent to grant-writing. The results…”
“The privacy rules mean that only one of us can have access to the full report, and that’s me,” Katherine said. “I’ll get what I can to you later, Phil.”
“Anyway, the results turned out far fewer viable candidates than we expected. Of the sixty that we discovered and interviewed, only eighteen were viable,” Chloe said. “And yes, that counts the control group.”

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