“Our individual program is working wonderfully for the control group,” Daniel said, “but it is cost inefficient at this time. Twilight Wings is designed to discover ways to defocus the training while maintaining effectiveness.”
“You know how the Blue Streak guides work, right?” Chloe said.
“Yeah,” Phillip said. Children in the Indigo Foundation’s pilot program, Blue Streak, received a study guide each week that was tailored both to the student’s preferences in subjects but also to their ability levels and learning capabilities in their “off” topics. Blue Streak’s goal was to provide accelerated learning to exceptional students, freed from the paradigm of grade levels and standardized testing. Its major draw was that it could be used as a supplement to the child’s existing education, in a time where in-school enrichment programs were not just unheard of in practice, but almost a mythical thing of the past as the baseline of pass-fail testing sank lower and lower. The program had gathered the attention of many institutions in the education science world, as well as grant money from dozens of government agencies. In spite of all of this, the program was barely making ends meet for the Foundation due to the intensive tailoring the program required for each participant. At its current level of efficiency, the program consumed about thirty man-hours per student per week.

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