“Yes,” Daniel said. “In all four cases the refusal was borne of scheduling conflicts. Music lessons, mostly, but one student is in training for their black belt in karate.”
“The non-responder is where we’re in a bit of a fix,” Chloe said. “And this is why I was worried about your presence, Phillip.”
“Oh?” Phillip asked, cocking an eyebrow.
“Yes,” Katherine said. “I’m not sure right now if the non-responder is going to work out as well as we’d expected, given his relationship to the control group.”
“You can just go ahead and say ‘my kids’, you know,” Phillip said.
“All right, then,” Chloe said. “The non-responder is someone very close to the kids, and we’re worried that their relationship could jeopardize the branching of the connections.”
“He’s not yet a part of Blue Streak, but was an alternate for that program,” Katherine smiled.
“Well?” Phillip said. “Who is it?”
“His name is Robert MacKenzie,” Daniel said.

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