Chapter 2

Phillip tried to hide the shock from his face, but it was obvious. “You never suspected?” Chloe asked, quietly.
“I never thought,” Phillip started. “I mean, he’s smart, and he hangs out with the kids, but…”
“But he wasn’t part of Blue Streak, so you never gave it a second thought,” Katherine said. “Not an unreasonable conclusion, but Rob’s family wound up non-responding to that. We took it as an implicit ‘no’ at the time.”
“How did you get him in here for the interview?” Phillip asked.
“I managed that,” Daniel said. “How it was done is not pertinent to this situation.” Phillip could tell that it may have been, but he also knew that Daniel was covering something up. “Please proceed with the data analysis, Doctor.”
Katherine frowned for a moment, but spoke again. “Anyway, Rob’s metrics on the test used in the Seneca Report blew away our expectations. Even factoring in that he might have snuck a peek at the sheet, he’s still exceptional.”
“I thought that we threw away all the outliers,” Chloe said. “If he did cheat, he naturally would have had a high score on the test.”
“That is true, but the final evaluation matrix used for determining candidacy relies on factors that would not be covered by a mere test score,” Daniel replied. “It was in these factors which Robert excelled.”

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