“You’re probably just still sleepy,” Phillip said. He came in closer to give the boy a hug, but Gene recoiled slightly. “What? What’s wrong?”
“N-nothing,” Gene said, his voice wavering. “Yeah. Just still sleepy.” He wrapped his arms around Phillip, a little tighter than he figured the boy was capable of. “I’ll get breakfast.”
“Is Jeanne up?” Phillip asked, knowing most of the answer.
“I heard her when I was in the potty,” Gene said. “I think she’s asleep again.”
Phillip knocked gently on her door. “Jeannie? You up?”
“Go away,” Jeanne said. This was new, Phillip thought. “I’m trying to sleep.”
“Come on, sweetie, just one more day,” he said. “We can pull through one more day, right?”
“Today is a bad day,” she said firmly. “I do not like this day. So I’m sleeping until it’s tomorrow.”
“It kinda doesn’t work that way,” Phillip said. “Can I come in?”
“No,” she said. Phillip hoped she’d explain a bit more, or at least give him something else to work with, but there was only silence on the other side of the door.
“Well, it’s getting late,” he said, “so come down and have breakfast and we’ll see what we can do to make today better. Okay?”
Jeanne made exaggerated snoring noises in response. Phillip rolled his eyes and knocked twice more. “I’m asleep!”

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