“That’s the weird part,” Gene said. “It’s like, I knew he was coming, but not because I saw him. It was more like, I remembered he was coming, and I remembered that Patrick moved the base then.”
“It was like when we have deja vu here, only all the time,” Jeanne added. She had calmed somewhat, and Phillip was thankful for that.
Lightning flashed in the windows, and Jeanne buried her face in Phillip’s side. A few seconds later, the thunderclap provoked a shriek from both children. “It’s okay,” he said, rubbing their backs gently. “It’s just the storm.”
“Too loud,” Jeanne cried. “Way too loud!”
“It’s too bright,” Gene said.
“I think maybe it’s time we got ready for bed,” Phillip said. “We’ve got a long day ahead for tomorrow.”
“Come with us,” Jeanne said, not moving an inch.
“Okay,” Phillip said. “Let’s all go up together.” They gripped his hands hard enough to turn them white as the three climbed the back stairs to the common room. “I’ll be right here,” he said. The kids dashed into their rooms, turning on lights and tossing off their clothes almost in the same actions. Matsuri was fast asleep in her cage, apparently unperturbed by the rainstorm. Phillip’s clothing was casual enough that he could stand to wait until the children were calmed before changing himself.

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