“Hey, Phillip,” Jeanne asked, poking her head back into the television room. “Can we call Rob later on and see if he wants to come over? ‘Cause, you know, we didn’t get to see him yesterday?”
Phillip paused. How much did Jeanne know, he wondered? It was no longer just a matter of keeping the secret; now he had to gauge whether or not she had deduced what was really going to happen at the Foundation. Of course, he thought, I could also be completely overthinking this, and she really doesn’t know about Rob’s interview. But there’s no middle ground here, besides… “We’ll see, sweetie,” he said. “I know that sounds bad, but we’ll have to see how long Katherine keeps us today.”
“I know,” Jeanne sighed. “But, I’ll just hope for him, then, okay?”
“Sounds good,” Phillip said. “Scoot, we’re running low on time.”
Phillip showered in the stall in the basement; it was an old pre-fabricated shower installed decades ago, probably around the time the pipes were fitted for the washing machine. It was cold and not at all pleasant, but he was not lying or coercing the children in the slightest– it would be a tight squeeze to make it to the bus stop in time.

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