Chapter 5

Katherine seated herself in the other chair, directly across from Alex MacKenzie. Phillip was impressed; the cameras focused on Alex weren’t obstructed in the slightest by her presence. She pulled a pen from the left pocket of her lab coat and clicked it. “I suppose this might seem a little intimidating,” she said. “I have to confess I’m a little nervous myself.”
“I certainly hope we’re not making you uncomfortable,” Alex growled.
“No, no, not at all,” Katherine said. “Just another project going on; some data came in that is a bit strange.”
“I see,” Alex said. “What exactly are you a doctor of?”
“Well, child psychology, primarily,” Katherine said, her face reddening slightly, “but I also have master’s degrees in pediatrics and statistical analysis. But this interview isn’t about me, it’s about Rob. You have a remarkable son.”
“Do we now?” Alex said. Phillip wondered if the tone in his voice was his normal speaking inflection, or if he was intentionally sounding condescending and sarcastic. “Rob is really that interesting?”
“Yes, quite,” Katherine said, either not picking up on the tone or choosing to ignore it. “Some test scores that were shared by his school brought him to our attention. The Indigo Foundation has a program that is just perfect for him.”
“The project is currently called ‘Twilight Wings’,” Ihab said. “It’s an after-school supplemental education track intended to enhance and advance students’ natural inclinations to learn.”
“You must be mistaken,” Mirielle said. “Rob hates school.”
“He’s barely doing well enough in his classes as it is,” Alex said. “I suppose this is some kind of slow class, then?”
“Wait, don’t answer that,” Phillip said. Katherine clicked her pen three times in rapid succession. Y-E-S; she was acknowledging his statement. “Go along with it for now.”
“In a manner of speaking,” Ihab said. “The Foundation’s research has indicated that most children of his age have insatiable appetites for information. Until around sixteen, the human mind is one of the most efficient information-gathering tools in the world.”

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