“Of course,” Mirielle said. “That’s why kids go to school.”
“There’s a little more to it,” Katherine said. “Twilight Wings is designed to… re-engage students into the educational process. Students who might feel that school is too boring or too easy.”
“That’s not Rob at all,” Alex said, scowling. “Rob’s stupid.” The blunt declaration caused Ihab to blink, and Chloe to gasp. “He just doesn’t know enough to apply himself properly. If you ask me, the school’s not doing enough to discipline him into learning.”
“Rob isn’t engaged at school because he just doesn’t seem to care,” Mirielle said. Phillip noticed that she was speaking more slowly than her husband, but just as emphatically. The overall effect was odd. “We’ve tried many things in order to get him to be more responsible…”
“I don’t know about this,” Alex said. “What is this program really going to do?”
“If you permit him to participate,” Katherine said, “Rob will attend weekly after-school meetings at a facility near the school. There, he’ll work closely with about twelve other students and two specialized instructors in a high-intensity learning environment.”
“These sessions last around two hours,” Ihab said, “after which time he’ll be given a study guide to take home and fill out in his free time. The guides are based on our already-proven Blue Streak program. Have you heard about that?”

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