“Somewhat,” Mirielle replied. Alex didn’t say anything, but he glanced at his wife quizzically. “It sounds like something Rob wouldn’t be suited for.”
“Quite the opposite, actually,” Katherine said. “The test scores we received from the school showed that he was just what we were looking for.”
“What kinds of tests were being run?” Alex asked.
“We started with the most recent standardized tests,” Ihab said. “Rob scored in the ninety-fifth percentile in the nation.”
“Which means…?” Alex asked, rolling his eyes.
“Out of every child his age in America, Rob’s score was in the top five percent. It’s quite remarkable given his general test scores,” Katherine said. “As you said, his report cards are just barely around the average.”
“So, he cheated on this percent test or whatever,” Alex said. “Fine. What else makes you think Rob is worth paying attention to?”
“Mister MacKenzie,” Ihab began, “it’s imp–”
“No, don’t say that,” Phillip interrupted. “Let him think Rob cheated.”
Ihab nodded imperceptibly and squelched her statement. “All right,” she said, swallowing hard. “Our next measure was the Voight-Ford Reasoning Battery.” She explained the test to Alex.
“What are you playing at, Phillip?” Chloe asked.
“Something’s bothering me about Alex’s behavior,” he said. “Any father in the world would be proud to have his son proven so smart, right?”

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