“True,” Chloe said, “but we don’t know the full extent of Rob’s behavioral issues. Maybe he does act out at home.”
“I doubt it,” Phillip said. “If that was the case, he’d probably have destroyed the Mansion by now.” Katherine clicked her pen twice while he spoke, as well– agreeing with his refusal, he thought. “There’s something really weird going on here.”
“…and correlates that with behavior reports and other nonobjective analyses,” Katherine summed up, “to give a more complete picture of how his mood and his smarts match up.”
“So, you’re saying that as he gets, what, I don’t know, moodier, he gets smarter?” Alex asked.
“No,” Ihab said, “it’s more that his intellectual achievement level stays constant regardless of his moods. That’s a significant factor because it shows that Rob is always receptive to learning new things.”
“I still don’t buy it,” Alex said. “These are all driven by test scores. And while he might be doing really well on your fancy indicators, that doesn’t explain why he can’t be bothered to do well enough with basic school.”
“There are a number of factors which could cause Rob to be let down by the school system,” Katherine said.
“I’m not saying the teachers are doing a bad job,” Alex said, his tone rising slightly. “Though maybe if they’d whack him once in a while he might shape up.”

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