“Alex,” Mirielle said, taking his hand.
“No, I think Rob just doesn’t care,” Alex said, his voice returning to its normal level. “He’s got friends to help him out. Deacon is always there for him. If Rob needs help, he should ask him. Matter of fact, I should have Deacon over for a study session together sometime.”
“That’s certainly within your rights,” Katherine said. “But I think Rob could also benefit greatly from participation in Twilight Wings.”
“And I haven’t seen anything that being grounded can’t fix,” Alex said firmly.
“This is getting us nowhere,” Phillip said. “We need to shift gears, and fast.”
“Agreed,” Chloe said. “Where should we steer the discussion?”
“Get him off the intelligence stuff,” Phillip said. Ben nodded in agreement. “He should know about Rob’s real friends.”
“Before you discount it entirely,” Katherine said, “there are some other factors that make Rob a good fit for Twilight Wings, that you should probably be aware of.”
“Such as?” Mirielle asked.
“The evaluation process involved a great number of tests,” Ihab said. “Many of them were score-based intelligence exams, but others were subtle observations or social experiments.”
“Experiments?” Alex said.
“Poor choice of words,” Katherine said. “By ‘social experiment’, we mean a situation that Rob was placed into, in a controlled environment, to gauge his emotional and social responses.”

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