“I see,” Alex said. “Like what?”
“Well, one which tells us the most about a child’s capability to interact is what we call ‘The Great Wall’,” Katherine said. “Rob was instructed to build a wall out of some cardboard boxes, with the help of another child. This child was given secret instructions to try to stop Rob from building the wall, without actively knocking it down. The other student tried her best, but Rob was able to defeat her arguments every time.”
“Is this true?” Phillip asked.
“The girl eventually used direct threats of violence,” Chloe explained. “We considered that an unreasonable response, so we threw that out.”
“I’m surprised you found someone dumber than him,” Alex chuckled.
“Of course,” Chloe said, her voice lower, “the ‘other student’ was a high-schooler. He probably caved because she was bigger than he was.”
“He folded?” Phillip asked.
“Like a wet towel,” Chloe said, sadly. “He was doing so well, too. It’s about the only test he didn’t perform admirably on.”
“Still, he did manage to pass the test,” Katherine said, either disregarding Alex’s dig or the covert conversation. “Believe it or not, Rob is a very social person.”
“I don’t believe it,” Mirielle said. “He’s very shy around strangers.”
“Yes, we noticed that,” Ihab said. “Around older, unfamiliar adults, he loses a great deal of his outgoingness and activity. But within his peer group, he’s remarkably comfortable around students he doesn’t know well.”

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