“This will serve him well in Twilight Wings,” Katherine said. “Part of the project’s goal is to prevent students from being locked into learning with just one or two others; the entire group gets shuffled around every once in a while so that everyone knows everyone else, and everyone else’s strengths and weaknesses.”
“I still don’t think you guys understand,” Alex said. “Rob has you fooled.”
“Maybe we do have the wrong impression,” Katherine said, clicking her pen twice. “Go ahead, then. How has Rob fooled these tests?”
“Rob…” Alex sighed. “It’s frustrating. It’s like he hears when people tell him stuff, but he does the exact opposite on purpose sometimes. And sometimes he’ll do what he’s told, but the way he does it is smarmy and snotty. He’s completely unpredictable. I certainly can’t tell when he’s going to be good or when he’s going to go behind my back.”
“He has a tendency to tell lies, too,” Mirielle said. “The other day, even, he said the reason he was gone so long was because he was at a friend’s house. We called the Flays and he wasn’t there.”
Phillip blinked. “She’s lying,” he said. “Rob called the house… wait, don’t call her on it.”
“I really hope you know what you’re doing,” Chloe said. “We could lose him because…”

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