“Perhaps,” Daniel said. “At least your team would not have to worry about becoming superfluous, no?”
“Gallows humor isn’t exactly appreciated right now,” Phillip growled.
“And yet, that is where we stand,” Chloe said. “We are on the edge. The fate of Twilight Wings, and perhaps even the whole of the Foundation, is likely to hinge on what we discover on Monday.”
“Indeed,” Daniel said.
“Wait,” Katherine said. “We’re really in that deep? We put all our eggs into Wings?”
“It looks that way,” Phillip said. “Funding has been drying up lately– it’s all about the oil, they say. Our charter doesn’t allow for the option of a public offering, and even if we were a corporation that could do that, we’ve been bleeding money since day one. I can’t think where else we could get more grants from, and this is after getting exceptionally creative.”
“I still don’t know how you got the National Football League on board,” Katherine said. “But yeah. If it’s all about the money, and Wings was our biggest moneymaker, then we’re sunk.”
“I would prefer,” Chloe said, “that we not consider failure to be a likely option. It is something we must consider as an absolute last resort, but it’s not something I envision as being the Tuesday news.”

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