“Let’s go down this alley for a minute, though,” Phillip said. “What exactly would happen if we were to go under?”
“The consequences would be quite dire,” Daniel said. “All of our staff would be let go. Four hundred jobs gone in an instant.”
“The research we’ve been doing would be for nothing,” Katherine said. “We could sell off the rights for Blue Streak– we’d probably have to, to cover our debts– but I don’t think it would work in anyone else’s hands but ours.”
“I would think that the loss of all our jobs would be reason enough to soldier on,” Chloe said. “But then again, having come this far only to fail, that would be… devastating.”
Phillip paused before speaking. Losing his job with the Foundation would put him in a bind, that was certainly true. He had taken little notice of the ‘golden parachute’ clause in the contract he signed when he was promoted, but what he could recall at that moment led him to believe that it would not be sufficient to support the kids for very long. He supposed that the newspaper would always welcome him back, but a copy editor made far less than a board member of one of the rising stars of the educational research world– or, should I say, falling, he thought. It still wouldn’t be enough.

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