“I will have the legal department review the contracts,” Daniel said, “on Monday, to provide an accurate estimate of how much severance pay we would need to have liquid in the event of failure.”
“Good plan,” Chloe said. “Send them to my office, as well, I want to revise my contract.”
“Gutting us already?” Katherine said, laughing.
“No,” Chloe said evenly. “I’m waiving all of my severance pay and placing it into the asset pool, effective immediately. If anyone can’t be paid, then I won’t be either.”
Phillip blinked. “Very gutsy,” he remarked.
“It’s the right thing to do.” Chloe stood up. “I think we’ve run out of things to say. We should just all go home and try to enjoy the rest of the weekend.”
“I don’t think that’s going to be possible,” Katherine said, her laugh far more hollow this time. “But you’re right. I’ll get the notes from the interview room.”
“Check on the kids, too,” Phillip asked. “They’re probably terrified.”
“That’s your department,” Katherine said. “Still, I’ll make sure they’ve got their guides.”
“Thanks, Katherine,” Chloe said. “I’ll call you tomorrow.”
Daniel stood and opened the door for her. “Doctor, please have a good evening.” She nodded and left. “Phillip, I believe that Ben will have prepared the disc of the interview by now.”

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