“Would you go check on that for us, Daniel?” Chloe asked.
“No, it’s okay,” Phillip said, “I wanted to go talk to Ben myself anyway. I’ll head down there right away.”
“One moment, Phillip,” Chloe said. “Could you please leave us for a moment, Daniel? I apologize, but this is between us.”
“I understand,” Daniel said, nodding. “I shall shut down the rest of the office for the night, then.” He closed the door behind him.
“You’re worried,” Chloe said, without preamble, turning to face Phillip. Staring her in the eye, it was obvious that she shared the sentiment. “I know that money’s always been tight for you, but with the kids…”
“Hey, I chose to adopt them,” Phillip said. “I can’t let them down now. We’ll manage.”
“I know, but… perhaps I can help,” Chloe said. “I’ve got some extra set aside in some hedge funds… Until things get better–”
“No,” Phillip said, flatly. “I mean, I appreciate the offer, but like I said, this was always my decision. I’m a father now, and I have responsibilities. I have to at least try to handle this on my own. You know, to set a good example and all.”
Chloe smiled. “Of course,” she said. “Phillip. I’m aware that you and I have an understanding. It’s always been in the background, but I’m afraid that this crisis could bring it to attention.”

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