“And this is bad because…?”
“Because there’s nothing to see,” Ben said. “It’s just… dead. The cameras still aren’t working. The whole thing just… died. All at once.”
“That’s not a common thing,” Phillip said.
“That’s not a possible thing,” Ben shot back. “This literally should not have happened, man.”
“I may have an idea on that,” Phillip said. “But I’m supposed to be asking if you got the disc burned.”
“Oh yeah,” Ben said, handing him a DVD case. “Everything that we got, in high-definition glory. But if that’s what you’re supposed to be doing here, what are you really doing here?”
Phillip grinned. “I want you to look for an antenna.”
“What, like someone siphoning off the DVR feed? No, there’s nothing there. I told you, everything checks out.”
“Not here, and not one going out,” Phillip said. “I think that someone cut the cameras on purpose.”
“Who?” Ben asked. “No, how?”
“Well, I don’t know who, exactly,” Phillip said. “But I think I can guess how. There’s got to be some central point where all the cameras’ cords go out, right?”
“The cameras are wireless, and we’d have seen a warning if their batteries were going to die,” Ben said. “But they don’t have great range, so their local receivers are…” Ben’s eyes lit up with recognition. “The patch panel!”

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