For Those Of You Just Joining…

Hi folks. It’s occurred to me that maybe I haven’t been exactly clear on how best to enjoy the Linguankery site in general, or the current novel (A Civics Lesson). In truth it’s a relatively simple concept, one I’ve kept in mind but never actually said simply because I think it sounds almost too obvious, but here goes:

Linguankery, in general, is a webcomic without the pictures. In stricter language, it’s a web serial, but that phrasing isn’t as evocative of how best to handle the massive amount of catchup needed. Each day, a small fragment of the story is posted on the site, continuing and building on what’s been posted before. In order for the story to make sense, obviously, you’re best off by starting from the beginning. At the bottom of each post, there’s a link labeled “Next Segment”. You need only click those, in sequence, at your own pace, to read the story straight through.

Once you’re caught up, it’s a good idea to subscribe to the RSS feed in order to stay current– though I certainly won’t complain if you decide to come back each day. Unless noted, the site updates like clockwork every morning between 3a and 5a EST (mostly because I’ve set it up to be automatic). There currently aren’t scheduled to be any outages until the story’s conclusion in late November; as it turns out, the last couple of days and the next few are double-length updates to make up for a missed week.

I welcome feedback and comments. In fact I encourage them, even if it’s nothing more than “you suck, you’re just jealous of [insert best-selling author here]“. Everything gets read, and everything helps to make future tales better. I know it sounds like a platitude, but it’s the only thing keeping writers writing– it literally is the linchpin of a writer’s success. I’ll put in more of what people like, and try to cut out what people don’t like (though remember, the novels are usually completed by the time the first post starts– this way I don’t leave you hanging).

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy reading A Civics Lesson!

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Literally? Really?

Okay, metaphorically. But it’s extremely important.

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