July 28

The bell rang, and Gene walked up to Jeanne and Tegan. He was puzzled at his sisters expression for a moment. Jeanne looked him in the eye without blinking. “He knows,” she said.
Gene frowned. “Not good.”

The chair creaked as Phillip leaned back in it. His computer displayed his e-mail inbox; at the top of it was a message from Chloe to all employees of the Indigo Foundation:
“My friends,
“As you may be aware, this morning, Det. Frank Sabretti of the Pittsburgh Police Department came to the Foundation offices to discuss a missing persons report recently filed. The Indigo Foundation is the last known whereabouts of the individual in question, one Rob MacKenzie. We have assured Det. Sabretti that we will cooperate to the fullest extent of our abilities with the search for Rob.
“However, the police may be asking sensitive questions of many employees of the Indigo Foundation. As a result, we have decided to dismiss, effective immediately, all employees of the Foundation for the day except members of the Executive Board and Section Managers. You will be paid in full for the day, and you will not be docked any vacation time. Contracted employees should report this as time worked, to a maximum of your normally scheduled hours.

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