July 29

“If you are contacted by the police in connection to the search for Rob or Mirielle MacKenzie, tell the officer that you will be happy to cooperate once a lawyer from the Foundation is present. Call our legal services provider, Cambert, Clay, and Saunders, at (412) 555-0226 immediately and give the receptionist the account number 140327. You can call at any time.
“Please plan on reporting to work as normal tomorrow morning. If there are any further developments in this situation, you will be notified by e-mail through this system or through your alternate contact address.
“As always, your hard work and efforts are eternally appreciated. The future thanks you.
“Chloe Reed”
He’d stared at the message for a good ten minutes already, and no matter how many times he convinced himself that it was simply not in Chloe’s character, it still persisted in its existence on his screen. He briefly considered deleting it, before realizing that it was flagged so as to prevent its removal under any circumstances. Phillip scoffed, sighed, and performed every other nonverbal vocalization that he could think of that could be done in public. It did not change anything.
There’s nothing I can do here, he thought, standing up. He stomped down the hallway towards a conspicuously closed door; there was nobody left in the building to wonder at his minor tantrum.

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