August 27

Lunch wasn’t any worse than usual, with the caveat that Gene and Jeanne were on their own at their table again. They didn’t take Tegan up on her offer to sit with her group, nor were they expecting Nick to break from his group; Jeanne was in no mood to suffer any of her fellow students’ foolishness with anything resembling grace. Recess could not come soon enough for them.
Tegan and Nick found their way over to them about halfway through the playground period, and the mood did not improve any. “Sorry you lost,” Nick offered lamely.
“I don’t care about the election,” Gene snapped. “I care about what happened with our note.”
“Maybe Mr. Walsh ignored it,” Jeanne sighed.
“I don’t think so,” Tegan said. “All this time Mr. Walsh never said anything about certifying the votes. He could have been making that up.”
“He’s not,” Nick said. “I heard it on TV. They were saying they have to certify elections harder these days because of stuff that happened before we were born.”
“Well, yeah, he wouldn’t make that part up,” Tegan said, rolling her eyes, “but why does our election need to be certified?”
“It’s funny,” Jeanne said, “but it’s probably nothing. He probably just went to see about getting the gym for tomorrow, huh?”

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