August 29

Chloe met him in the building’s lobby, with a full drinks carrier in her hands; he took the coffees from her, and she opened the elevator gate. “I couldn’t figure out how to get in,” she said, smiling sheepishly. She appeared, to him, to be far overdressed, wearing an attractive business skirt-suit.
“Fetching coffee? Isn’t this kind of thing beneath you?” he smirked.
“It’s nothing,” she said. “Besides, if there was ever a day for a celebration, today is it.”
“Chloe, there’s something I should tell you,” Phillip said. “It’s about the interview with the MacKenzies last week.”
Chloe’s demeanor changed in an instant. “I see. Go on.”
“I had Ben do more digging into the reason for the failure,” Phillip said, “and he found a small device designed to shut off and restart the camera’s receivers. It was set up to be activated by remote, and generic enough that it was more or less untraceable.”
“All right,” Chloe said. “But only a few people would have reason to sabotage the interview recording.”
“No, only one person would,” Phillip said. “Daniel.”
“You’re not seriously accusing him of cutting off the signal, are you?”
“I am,” Phillip said. “He has access to the electrical closet for the interview room. He had a secret to keep involving the MacKenzies. And, most importantly, he had a reason to keep that secret from us.”

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