September 26

“When the switch is turned on,” Daniel replied, “the device transmits a signal through an old cellular phone network. It is a very expensive piece of equipment, if I may say so, which was purchased on my own. No record of its purchase is on any of the accounting ledgers of the Indigo Foundation.”
“Spy gear, huh?” Phillip said. “Slick. All right, so you hit the panic button,” he added. “What happened then?”
“I coordinated with her a time to escape,” Daniel said, “and once Alex had fallen asleep, I spirited them away to my apartment. It was quite anticlimactic.”
“I was expecting an epic battle myself,” Katherine said. “So that’s it, then? Sunday morning you were just… gone?”
“Yeah,” Mirielle said. “Alex called the police when he saw we were gone, I guess. Probably didn’t even remember the night before.”
“You think alcohol had something to do with his behavior?” Chloe said.
“No, he doesn’t drink,” Mirielle said. “I did, a little, but once I got pregnant that was over fast.”
“We are losing sight of the reason for this meeting,” Daniel said. “And we are running out of time. Mirielle and I should return to my apartment soon so that we are prepared for when Rob departs school.”

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