September 27

“Fair enough,” Chloe said. “All right, just a few more questions. Mirielle, you are aware of why the Indigo Foundation contacted you in the first place, correct?”
“Of course,” Mirielle said. “Rob’s eligible to be part of some advanced learning class.”
“That’s right,” Katherine said. “However, the events of the past few days have changed things a little bit. We need to make it clear that there’s no connection between the two situations.”
“To an outside observer,” Phillip said, “it could look like we were intentionally driving a wedge between you and Alex simply so that we could get Rob into the Twilight Wings program. That’s not our intent at all.”
“Initially,” Chloe continued, “we did not want to get involved with your private life. However, it’s become abundantly clear to me that the incidents of Saturday link your issue to the Foundation. We have a recording of the interview from Saturday, as well as a recording of this session. We are willing to present these to the police on your behalf, with no preconditions.”
“Does this stop Rob from joining your program?” Mirielle asked.
“Only if you want it to,” Daniel said. “But bear in mind, the tests that we have performed indicate that Rob is only a likely match. He may be further discovered to be ineligible.”

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