September 28

“I don’t think there’ll be a problem at all,” Katherine said, “but just to have it out there, there is a very, very small chance that Rob might have to be turned down.”
Mirielle paused. “This is a big decision,” she said.
“We will assist you in your domestic violence case, regardless of your decision about Twilight Wings,” Chloe said. “Of course, our assistance is also at your pleasure.”
“I need your help,” Mirielle said. “I just… yeah. It could look like you’re using me, or I’m using you, or…”
“Mrs. MacKenzie,” Phillip said. “It’s been my experience that people will think what they will think, but that the truth always speaks for itself. Do what you feel is right, and to hell with how it looks.”
Daniel stared at Phillip for a moment, before speaking again. “We do not need a decision immediately,” he said. “We have time. Alex does not know where you and Rob are. I believe that that information is secure in the hands of the Foundation.”
“We’ve also already made arrangements with Seneca to not notify the police that Rob showed up for school today,” Chloe said. “We’d get a call if there were any problems.”
“Speaking of school,” Phillip said, “it’s getting late. How about we get some lunch,” he added, “and then go our separate ways for the day? We can discuss this again tomorrow, once you’ve had some time to think it over.”

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