October 31

“I hope not,” Phillip muttered.
The door opened, and Alex MacKenzie appeared from behind it; Phillip immediately wished there was something more substantial than a screen door separating them. “Detective Sabretti,” Alex said. “I thought I told your deputy my wife was asleep.”
“Good evening, Mister MacKenzie,” Frank said. “I know, but I just wanted to talk to you in person for a minute. May we come in?”
“I’d rather you didn’t,” Alex said, eyeing Phillip briefly. “The place is still a mess.”
“This won’t take long,” Frank said, “and Mister Brookfield here has some information regarding your son.”
“Oh, he does,” Alex replied, before catching himself. “I mean, that’s great and all, but I was just about to call you. Rob came home about an hour ago.”
“We know,” Phillip said. “He’d called Jeanne over to help with homework a couple hours ago, and since it was getting late I figured I’d come get her.”
“Mister Brookfield and I just happened to meet up by chance,” Frank said. “Are you sure we can’t come inside? We won’t wake Mrs. MacKenzie, if that’s what you’re worried about.”
“Actually,” Alex said, “Mirielle left a little while ago, too…”
“Why’s that?” Phillip asked.
“That’s actually none of your business,” Alex spat. “Detective, is it possible that we could have this discussion in private?”

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