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January 31

“You don’t trust me,” he says. Well, duh. “Or is it that you don’t believe me?” “Would you believe both?” I say. “I mean, you just waltz into my life as if you’ve known me for years, start spouting off nonsense, and then expect me to just jump into your arms and let you… what [...]

January 30

“And how do you know about the car crash?” “Miss– I mean, Fran,” he says, “there are certain things in this world that a lot of people don’t seem to care too much to know about. Things like accidents, things like mysteries, things like paradoxes.” “And the answer is in there, where exactly?” “I’m getting [...]

January 29

“It’s a custom where I’m from,” he says, “and besides, I don’t want to track snow and ice everywhere. Thank you for letting me in.” “It’s fine,” I say, “as long as you start with the answers and work your way back.” “As direct as I expected from you, Miss Minervudottir.” “Call me Fran,” I [...]

January 28

“Miss Salvatore should have given you my card,” he says. “Must we really shout through the door?” I sigh and open the door a fraction, just enough to let him see my face. “No,” I say, “I can tell you to go to hell like this if you want.” “Amusing,” he says. “Look, I just [...]

January 27

In reality, it was a stroke of luck that we’d be together this summer; I had to go back home to Erie last year and take a dreadful job at the movie theater up there, but Kyle had stayed here in Pittsburgh thanks to the show and an internship she got with the tech services [...]

January 26

“It’s exercise,” she growls, “it’s not supposed to be fun. I really need to think of a better way to do this.” “Can’t you make it a game or something?” I ask, before waving the question off. “I’m sure you would have thought of that already. Anyway, after you don’t have fun, have fun at [...]

January 25

I take the business card from Kyle’s hand, and she goes off into the bedroom while I read it. LUCAS REYNOLDS, PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR. A number for a Shadyside office below it. Oh, crap on a cracker. So Coat Jerk somehow found out where I live. More to the point, Coat Jerk is a private dick… [...]