January 27

In reality, it was a stroke of luck that we’d be together this summer; I had to go back home to Erie last year and take a dreadful job at the movie theater up there, but Kyle had stayed here in Pittsburgh thanks to the show and an internship she got with the tech services department. This year she helped me apply for an instructor’s aide position with Dr. Verneer; while Kyle is spinning music and code, I’ll be helping inner-city kids brush up on their Spanish and German. It pays well enough, and we get to stay in our apartment through the summer– good thing, too, because we managed to get this place again next year, sparing us from moving again.
There’s a knock on the door; I’m startled by the sudden intrusion into the latest Marvelous 3 track. I turn down the stereo and glance at the clock; it’s just before two. Damn, Coat Dick is early. I peer through the door’s peephole and into the hallway. He’s standing there, hands in his pockets, frowning. “I know you’re in there, Miss Minervudottir,” he says. “It’s Lucas Reynolds.”
“I don’t know anyone by that name,” I say honestly. I really don’t. I have a card with your name on it, Dick, but that doesn’t prove that I know you, and I’m sticking to it.

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