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January 24

“I’d say you need a week’s vacation and three boyfriends in rapid succession,” she shoots back, without hesitating. “You’re not nuts, Frannie, but you just work too hard.” “Easy for you to say.” “I wish,” she says. “Hey, I’m gonna go out to the rec center for a little bit before my show. That guy [...]

January 23

“I wasn’t in one,” I say, pushing her back gently. “But I heard one. This morning. Right outside the window. You didn’t hear it?” She blinks at me. “No,” she says. “I’m pretty sure I would have remembered a car crash. When did it happen?” “Around six,” I say. “Six-thirty.” “I was asleep ’till eight,” [...]

January 22

“Baloney,” Kyle says. “That’s definitely ‘three’.” I look under my finger again. I will be damned. It’s three, all right. It was four a second ago. The kanji don’t look at all alike. That’s the second time this has happened today, and it is starting to freak me out. “Huh, guess you’re right. Sorry.” “No [...]

January 21

“Ah.” “Say, Frannie,” she says, “how confident are you with your Japanese?” “Pretty good,” I say, moving over to the couch. Kyle pulls her knees up under her, giving me room; she also slides the laptop a little bit towards me and points. “What’s this?” “I was wondering if you could tell me,” she says, [...]

January 20

“Can I help you?” I ask, nervously. “It’s nothing,” the guy says. “Do you have a few moments? Maybe I could buy you another cup.” “You’re not my type,” I sigh, grabbing the door handle to the ladies’ room. Locked. Damn. The coat guy laughs a little. “That’s not what I mean. I just want [...]

January 19

Crap. Lou, damn you, you know what that does to me. I’m a highly suggestible girl with an improbably small bladder. “Sounds like a plan,” I say, putting my backpack and coat over my chair again. “Watch my gear?” “Always,” Lou nods, grinning. The bastard knew it would happen. Sometimes I wonder if he does [...]

January 18

Katie has finished her deliveries, and she seats herself across the table from a man. The guy’s handsome but a little unkempt, like he’s been away from the world for a while. Light brown hair and somewhat generic clothes finish the picture that this man could be anyone, and I’d walk right past him. He [...]