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February 28

“Fair enough,” he says. “You’re not the first person to say I have a face only a mother could love.” “You didn’t answer–” “All things in time,” he says. “Funny phrase, that. Of course, I bet you know all about that.” “Not particularly,” I say. “Look, do you have a point being here or are [...]

February 27

Third, Lucas Reynolds, who may or may not exist, is mixed up in this somehow. That’s an interesting thought. He gave me a bogus number on his card. How do I go from that to “he doesn’t exist”? It’s hard to make that kind of a logical leap, except that to get a business card [...]

February 26

I’m through my internal vitriolic litany in a minute or so; lacking any further source of release, I do it again, in German and Icelandic for good measure. Mom would probably have dragged me out into the street if she was able to hear just how filthy I got in our native tongue, which makes [...]

February 25

Discretion is often called the better part of valor. But the fact of the matter is, I don’t think I have enough to go on right now to make a solid connection between Reynolds and the solution to this time business. This isn’t discretion, it’s base cowardice. I could be causing a lot more trouble [...]

February 24

“I didn’t know,” I say honestly. “And then there was the accident,” Katie says, smiling, next to me. “The doctors were very scared, but then there was that nice man who donated enough blood… Ray’s a very rare type, you know.” I blink. Did it really happen again? “Katie,” I say, hesitating. “Ray is… okay, [...]

February 23

“I don’t, just was passing through,” I said. “I, uh, was on my way to the shop.” “Oh, good,” Katie says. “I’m running a little late myself, but Lou’ll go easy on me if I bring you in with me, I bet.” “About that,” I say. “I, uh, got a gift card from a friend…” [...]

February 22

I’m showered and out the door by six-fifteen. Well, I could study Portugese in the campus center if I really needed to. But really, my goal is to get to the Beanery before Reynolds gets there. The route is cold and slippery in the early light, as the sun is just barely below the horizon. [...]