February 24

“I didn’t know,” I say honestly.
“And then there was the accident,” Katie says, smiling, next to me. “The doctors were very scared, but then there was that nice man who donated enough blood… Ray’s a very rare type, you know.”
I blink. Did it really happen again? “Katie,” I say, hesitating. “Ray is… okay, right?”
“Of course,” she says. “That man saved Ray.”
The feeling of intense wrongness washes over me, almost like the flu, but somehow worse. Ray didn’t make it. I know this, and Katie’s outburst that apparently never happened confirms this. That’s the core of the problem. Someone saved Ray– someone who, as much as I hate to admit it, shouldn’t have.
“You know, it’s sad,” Katie says. “Ray and I… we’re almost the same blood type. Just very, very close, but different enough that we’re incompatible,” she sobs. “I couldn’t… nobody could…”
“It’s… it’s in the past now, Katie,” I say. “It’s all in the past.”
“You’re right,” she says, grinning. “Ray just got back from a deployment over in Okinawa. You’re studying Japanese, aren’t you? I bet he’d love to help you practice.”
I pause. The wrongness is back. Ray is supposed to be dead. This is the timeline that’s wrong. So what am I supposed to do about it? And what does Reynolds have to do with this? Damn! I forgot about him!

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