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February 21

“Serious shit,” Kyle intones, doing a pretty good impersonation of Christopher Lloyd. We both crack up at this. “So, wanna watch that tonight?” “I thought we were watching Stir of Echoes,” I say. “Ooh, yeah, that’s good too,” she says, pulling on a t-shirt. “Frannie, you gonna be okay?” I think for a moment. It’s [...]

February 20

“I know that,” Kyle says. “I was lucky to get the last one Kenji had in stock.” “I thought you just said–” I cut myself short. Two histories, two pasts creating two presents. Was Kyle mixed up in this whole thing, too, or am I just really cracking up? “Nevermind. So, when’s it gonna be [...]

February 19

“I’ll figure that out for myself,” I say, “but not right now. I’ll sleep on it.” My brain picks up on a small detail. “Why aren’t you wearing a shirt?” “Oh, that,” Kyle says. “I was getting changed when I got an email back about the PS2.” The blanket is discarded on the couch as [...]

February 18

“You know what?” I say, getting up. “We can solve this really easily. I’ve got his card. I’ll call him and tell him the deal’s off.” “Frannie,” Kyle says. “I don’t know…” “It’s just a phone call,” I say. “Besides, he knows where I live. If something happens, he can… wait, that’s not helping at [...]

February 17

“Sounds serious,” Kyle says. “How much?” “Enough that I’d consider it,” I say. “How much, Frannie?” “Eighty bucks.” She gasps. “Well, it’ll cover Starbucks for the next three weeks. That’s how he explained it.” “There’s more than just that, then,” Kyle says. “Are you gonna stay away?” “Hell no,” I say, grinning. “You know me.” [...]

February 16

“I’ll get it one day,” she says, frowning. “You look down.” “Just a long day,” I say, dropping my backpack near the door. “And some stuff that I didn’t want to have to deal with. That’s all.” Kyle steps out into the living room now, seemingly unconcerned that she’s not wearing a top. I must [...]

February 15

That’s what Kyle told me after we watched the Back to the Future movies last Halloween, anyway. I had to admit that it made sense, but getting to the point where it made sense took a big headache and most of the ice cream in the freezer. And yet here I am, somehow able to [...]