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March 31

As I climb the stairs from the apartment’s laundry room, I see a man standing just outside the front door, scribbling a note. He’s wearing a uniform of some sort, but I can’t make it out; it looks really dorky, as it includes shorts. I’ve often found that the kinds of guys in uniforms that [...]

March 30

As I jam the quarters into the machine and grumble more incoherent feminist propaganda, my mind wanders back to the phone call. It’s obvious that he knew me as the Interloper; even if it wasn’t telegraphed a million miles away, the fact that everyone who knows my name before I introduce myself has invariably turned [...]

March 29

So, naturally, while I understand that it’s a necessary evil, a bra does not necessarily need to itself be evil. For instance, why does it need to clasp in the back or the front? We have elastic, you know, and underwires. It’s not like I can’t pull it over my head first and do it [...]

March 28

“Salvatore,” I say, “and yes.” “That makes you Fran Minervudottir,” he says, “and… oh. Oh, shit. I’m sorry, I do have the wrong number.” “Hold it!” I say. “How do you know my name?” “I, uh… let’s just pretend this never happened,” Bert says. “Sorry to bother you, Ms. Minervudottir. Though I am glad to [...]

March 27

“Is this Kyle Salvatorey?” the man on the other end asks. “Er, no,” I say. “Who is this? Maybe you just got the wrong number.” “Well, this is the number I have for her,” the man says. “She was very specific. Asked me to call this number when I’d given her some time to think [...]

March 26

“Heavy,” I say. “Well, it’s not worth spoiling breakfast over.” Something from before clicks in my head. “Wait, did you say the PS2′s coming tomorrow?” After breakfast, we take the bus back to campus and go our separate ways. Hash browns always put me to sleep, which more or less means I’m in the perfect [...]

March 25

“Or,” I add, “we didn’t drop out soon enough.” She nods. “Well, I don’t know about you, but I finish what I start.” “Yeah,” she says, “and Dad would kill me if I told him I was dropping out. Still, by the time we get our degrees, they’re not gonna be worth the paper they’re [...]