March 27

“Is this Kyle Salvatorey?” the man on the other end asks.
“Er, no,” I say. “Who is this? Maybe you just got the wrong number.”
“Well, this is the number I have for her,” the man says. “She was very specific. Asked me to call this number when I’d given her some time to think about… sorry.”
“Wait,” I say. “You say you talked to her before?”
“Yes,” he says. “My name is Bert Recall, with Instant Recall Insurance.”
Instant Recall, huh? “Interesting name. She never mentioned insurance.”
“With Instant Recall, you’re covered enough to get your claims back before you know it’s gone,” he says. The pitch oozes slime through the low-quality phone connection. “Anyway, I was just calling to check up on her, to see if she wanted to upgrade to our Total Recall plan…”
“Wait, wait,” I say. “This is just a little too convenient. Are you sure you spoke with my roommate before?”
“Your room… wait,” he says. The tone of his voice changes, and all of a sudden I can picture his face turning extremely white as he realizes what he’s done. Of course, not like I know what he’s done, but he knows, and he’s not exactly being subtle about this. “Your roommate is Kyle Salvatorey?”

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