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March 24

“You remember the Super Bowl ad, right? With the sock puppet?” I nodded. It was cute, and I am a girl– of course I’d remember it. “Well, last week someone leaked a memo from their finance department. They’re not making anything on their sales. Kind of the opposite.” “How can you sell something and not [...]

March 23

“So, how’s that other internship coming?” I ask. “I haven’t heard a thing,” Kyle sighs. “I’m kind of worried that maybe they aren’t interested.” “At least you have the gig with Pitt,” I nod. “That’s good and all, but it still doesn’t look good on a resume,” Kyle says. “And there’s a lot of talk [...]

March 22

“So, the point is, what exactly?” I ask, pulling on the cord to call for a stop. “Well, just keep an open mind,” she says, “but not so open that your brain falls out. I think. Hey, that reminds me, are you gonna be busy tomorrow afternoon?” “I don’t think so,” I say; classes are [...]

March 21

“Did you hit?” “No,” she says, “but here’s the weird thing. I found a ticket for that word’s number from one of the other books. It didn’t win., he was using it as a bookmark. So, just on a weird thought, I look up the pick-three for that date. You’ll never believe it.” “What?” “The [...]

March 20

“Sounds kind of reasonable,” I say. “Like a horoscope book.” “Well, yeah, in an old-person way, I guess,” she says. “Gramma Gemma does the same thing. Thing is, though, she wasn’t picky about where she got them. Grampa Dino only bought ‘em from that little store. News Central? News Agency? What’s it called…?” “That doesn’t [...]

March 19

The aftermath of my little hysterics exercise comes to buying Kyle breakfast at the Eat’n Park downtown. I’m a bit unnerved as we make our way to the bus stop. Ordinarily hearing the car crash wouldn’t bug me– it’s happened a couple of times since that thing with Peter– but this is the first time [...]

March 18

More than that, though, I can hear the birds singing in the tree. It’s an old… something. I’m not a botanist, what do you want from me? Still, it’s an old tree, tall and strong. The city had cut some of its lower boughs to stop kids from climbing on it, but that wasn’t enough [...]