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April 30

DAMMIT. I’m missing something here that’s really important, but I just don’t get it. I let my head roll back in the chair, and see the clock on the wall behind me. It’s almost four; Kyle is probably getting out of her class soon, and the dining hall will be opening just about that time. [...]

April 29

Hold on a second. Where’s all this crap going? I mean, ten thousand dollars’ worth of sex toys has to go somewhere, right? If the thief wanted this stuff, why isn’t he just running the penny-decade game and buying it? There has to be some intrinsic value in the stuff, beyond what I can see. [...]

April 28

Peter showed me one of those when he came by. It works basically as a localized form of time travel; it creates a temporal gate that links one point in space-time to another by working backwards. Basically, you say you need to get from Los Angeles to New York in a hurry, and you’re in [...]

April 27

Who even needs two hundred pounds of confetti? After letting the giggles out, I turn to the manifest and start picking through dates. Counting on my fingers, I can’t seem to find any sort of a pattern here in the intervals or in the calendar, either. On a lark I spend about five minutes drawing [...]

April 26

I shrug it off and close the notebook. It’s not worth thinking about now. I pull out the red folder and start looking through some of the files. The contracts that Bert made with his rubes all specify only a dollar amount that the package was worth. They don’t always contain an itemized rundown of [...]

April 25

“Smiles!” I say. “Big, happy smiles!” I ease back into the big plush chair in the student lounge, and reach into my bag. Skipping class wasn’t on my agenda today, but I honestly hadn’t expected Bert to come through with so much crap to read. My hand brushes against my small notebook, and I look [...]

April 24

“You shouldn’t mess too much with that money,” I say. “You put it there for a reason. This might be it, or you could be wrecking a scam you’ll run later on.” “How could I run another scam?” he asks, incredulous. “Once I get back, the Order’s gonna bust my license. I’ll be stuck in [...]