April 25

“Smiles!” I say. “Big, happy smiles!”

I ease back into the big plush chair in the student lounge, and reach into my bag. Skipping class wasn’t on my agenda today, but I honestly hadn’t expected Bert to come through with so much crap to read. My hand brushes against my small notebook, and I look over the to-do list.
An entry near the middle of the current list is “order stuff”. I don’t know off the top of my head what I would be ordering. More to the point, I can’t remember if the command means I should place an order, or if there is some vaguely defined “stuff” that needs to be put in order. I’m a bit freaked out that I can’t recall how the poorly-phrased missive landed on my list to begin with.
Hold on a sec. Let’s take a look at this calmly. I don’t know when I put this on there, but judging by the time frame it had to be about a week or so ago. What was I doing then? Hmm… Kyle had placed the order for the Playstation 2 a few weeks ago. I think, if I had to make a guess, her incessant chatter about the order prompted me to start looking online for a deal or two, just so my shopping thirst could be slaked. Stupid girl-based gathering instinct. I have no idea what I was looking for. All I really have to go on is just this desire to go shopping by mail. No clue why.

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