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April 23

“No,” he says. “I make it a point to avoid my home base when I run this. I mean, I have the warp-walk unit. If I scammed near home, I could be traced.” “Well, someone’s tracing you now,” I say. “Pretty accurately, too. Does this manifest show which ones got jacked?” “Only a few of [...]

April 22

“What makes you think that these are being jacked on purpose?” I ask. “I mean, it’s possible you could have a bogus record of the packages.” “I don’t think so,” he says. “This is the manifest I’m running on this trip.” He hands me a green folder, just about as thick as the red one, [...]

April 21

“The caramel macchiato, double-black with cream is what I usually get.” “And you can sleep afterwards?” he says, eyes wide. I shrug. “College. Whatcha gonna do?” He seems to accept this, and orders two of the drinks. I grin at Katie; she had been a bit nonplussed when all I ordered was a plain coffee [...]

April 20

“You should put on a happy face,” I say as Bert sits down. “It helps to ward off the depression that the rain brings.” “I’m not depressed,” he lies. “Not yet, you’re not,” I say, barely avoiding giggling. “But it’s doing wonders for me.” “I have what you asked for,” he says. He reaches into [...]

April 19

I hate science fiction books. Movies are okay, but when it’s written out, sci-fi tends to get bogged down way too much in theories, ethics filibusters, and people talking about theories and ethics. More than sci-fi, though, I hate my professor, who apparently thought it would be clever and a nifty mnemonic device. Want to [...]

April 18

Tuesday, May 2, 2000 I lean back in the booth at the Beanery. Bert is late. Why this surprises me, I’ll never know, but he is, and it does. Every time I think about reaching into my bag for the notebook and pen, the door to the coffee shop opens, and I hesitate, just long [...]

April 17

“Got it,” he says. “And for you?” “We’ll talk about what I want later,” I say. He starts to leave, but I grab his shoulder. “We’re not done yet,” I say. “Kyle’s not back yet. You need to confirm the payment with her, and tell her the investigation is ongoing.” “All right,” he says. “Look. [...]