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May 31

There’s a story, of course, that some car thieves in town stole a pretty nice set of wheels, not knowing it belonged to Mister Rogers. They must have taken a look at the registration, or something, because the very next day the car was right back where they left it. A note was attached, reading, [...]

May 30

The world-famous Monroeville Mall is not the biggest mall in the world, nor is it in a particularly convenient location for college students who live downtown. It has a few major stores, a couple of good places to eat at the food court, and it’s surrounded by a bunch of other interesting stores in the [...]

May 29

“What is?” I ask. This is the first I’ve heard of a company not sending a real bill. “Everquest,” she says. “But it’s the law. They have to, so they can jack up the price for everyone.” “Oh, that game,” I say. She tried to explain it to me a few weeks ago. Basically, she [...]

May 28

I’m used to it. I’ve even grown to like it, in a weird sort of makes-me-cry way. The problem is, I still haven’t quite figured out what it means. I regain my composure after a second or two of sniffling, and unlock the mailbox for apartment thirteen. Couple of bills for Kyle, the week’s Giant [...]

May 27

Walking down the stairs to the main alcove of the apartment building, I hear the sound. Most of the time, when I’m called up to be ‘on the job’, as it were, it’s the sound of a car crash. Peter said that there’s different ways my brain lets me know that something’s wrong with my [...]

May 26

“I’ll even wait for you to get dressed,” I say. She looks at me a bit nonplussed before realizing what I said. “I ought to change, too. Too hot out there for jeans.” “Argh, hot,” she sighs. “Well, it’ll be worth it, I suppose.” Kyle has dark hair and incredibly pale skin. She’s always been [...]

May 25

“As long as you’re having fun,” I say. “Hey, it’s getting late. I’m thinking of going to the mall later on. You wanna come along?” “Which mall?” she asks. “Monroeville,” I say. Kyle is weird in that she is an excellent driver, but a very poor navigator. Now, granted, I could have picked any mall [...]