May 26

“I’ll even wait for you to get dressed,” I say. She looks at me a bit nonplussed before realizing what I said. “I ought to change, too. Too hot out there for jeans.”
“Argh, hot,” she sighs. “Well, it’ll be worth it, I suppose.” Kyle has dark hair and incredibly pale skin. She’s always been Addams-like vanilla eggshell pale as long as I’ve known her, though, which she excuses as part of being a computer nerd. One of these days, I ought to take her to a tanning salon. Poor kid will probably wind up cherry-red, though.
Or a goth. I wouldn’t be at all surprised, really, if we went to Hot Topic today and she came out of there with a coffin. Who am I kidding, she wouldn’t sleep in a coffin. It’s too hot and stuffy in there. Plus, vampires creep her out.
A short-ish denim skirt works for now. I’m not fond of any skirt that’s too short, because I always feel like my long stride lets people get a free show. The end result is that a skirt that’s only about an inch above my knee, when I’m sitting, is the shortest skirt I own. I get changed in relatively short order, and pass her just as she comes into the bedroom. “I’m just gonna run down to the mailbox,” I say. “I’ll be right back. Take your time.” She nods, and I grab my keys from the hook near the bedroom door.

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