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June 30

I pluck the notebook from the guy’s pocket, wincing as the smell of him overwhelms me. I leaf through it quickly; it doesn’t appear that any pages are missing. Everything’s going to be okay now. I hope. Still, gotta put on a show for the rubes. “Now,” I say, “that I have what I’ve lost [...]

June 29

“Ladies and gentlemen,” I say, my voice still raised, “the man here is a thief. I suggest you check yourselves to ensure that your valuables are still in place…” He’s sweating even more now as the crowd begins to turn on him. He didn’t learn Bert’s lesson, it looks like. Well, that’s what separates the [...]

June 28

Plus, guys get sweaty when they run, which is always nice to fulfill the subjective, perverted, sexual beauty portion of the attraction. Kyle does not sweat. Kyle runs the same way a freight train makes its inaugural voyage from San Francisco to Honolulu. It’s not a pretty sight when she’s running away from me, and [...]

June 27

We’re just finishing our second lap around the mall when we spot him in line in front of Gloria Jean’s Coffee. Maris shouts and points, and Kyle is off like a rocket. Kyle is not a delicate creature. I think I’ve established this point, but as with many things in my life, it bears repeating. [...]

June 26

Or maybe the force governing time has some perverse sense of humor, and enjoys tweaking me into knots just to watch Interlopers like me squirm. At this point, given what I know about time and the fact that causality has given up and gone home, the malevolent universe theory is one that looks better and [...]

June 25

“I think we should stick together,” I say, pulling my purse close. “I don’t want to get robbed again.” “Good call,” Kyle says. “Well, let’s go. No time like the present.” There is, I have noticed, a distinct difference between looking for someone who is lost, and looking for someone who does not want to [...]

June 24

“I get it, I get it,” the cop says, shrugging. “Okay. Fine, if I see the blonde in the hoodie again, I’ll have you paged. Can I get your name, please?” “Fran Minervudottir,” I say. “Just ‘Fran M’ will be fine.” “Good, good,” the cop says. “Okay. I figure, scum like him likes to be [...]