June 24

“I get it, I get it,” the cop says, shrugging. “Okay. Fine, if I see the blonde in the hoodie again, I’ll have you paged. Can I get your name, please?”
“Fran Minervudottir,” I say. “Just ‘Fran M’ will be fine.”
“Good, good,” the cop says. “Okay. I figure, scum like him likes to be in a familiar spot. Shouldn’t be long until I run across him again.”
“You better find him!” Kyle says. “If you don’t, I’ll sue!”
“You can’t sue on her behalf,” the cop says, smugly. I pull Kyle away again before I punch one of them in the face, and Maris follows us over towards the escalators.
“Okay, fine,” I say. “Look, this is under control. I figure, hoodie guy might still be in the mall somewhere. I saw him heading off towards the main area. We ought to go look for him.”
“Should we split up?” Kyle asks.
I weigh the merits of doing so. On the one hand, splitting up would effectively double the area we could search at once. On the other, and probably more important hand, I don’t feel comfortable leaving Maris alone with Kyle, who can’t understand her, and I don’t think Kyle should be left unsupervised at this point, lest she wind up mauling anyone wearing a hooded sweatshirt at all.

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