June 27

We’re just finishing our second lap around the mall when we spot him in line in front of Gloria Jean’s Coffee. Maris shouts and points, and Kyle is off like a rocket.
Kyle is not a delicate creature. I think I’ve established this point, but as with many things in my life, it bears repeating. She is in reasonable shape, having spent a good portion of her summer workout routines in the air conditioned rec center, but she’s still a little bit on the heavy side. However, as she’s often told me, her best sport in high school was track and field. She never competed, of course, but she tried out and was narrowly cut every year; this suited her just fine, given that she preferred then and now to spend her time in basements behind computer screens, but she still kept up with her speed training.
Most girls, when they run, are accurately described as “poetry in motion”. I can honestly say that I do find a running woman to be a thing of beauty, but mostly in the same way that I find running men attractive. It’s nothing sexual or romantic; I merely see in the act what Vitruvius and Leonardo saw in their famous man. Patterns and proportions, a perfect machine working thousands– no, millions of cells in tandem to achieve an effect upon the world that is simple in its scope but tremendous in its accomplishment. From an objective, materialist, humanist point of view, the running body is the greatest show on earth.

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