June 30

I pluck the notebook from the guy’s pocket, wincing as the smell of him overwhelms me. I leaf through it quickly; it doesn’t appear that any pages are missing. Everything’s going to be okay now. I hope.
Still, gotta put on a show for the rubes. “Now,” I say, “that I have what I’ve lost back, perhaps you would like to talk to these individuals and return to them what you’ve taken?”
“I didn’t take nothin’,” Hood-E-Scuz says, but he’s shaken by the people restraining him. “All right, all right!” he shouts. “Let me go, I’ll give it back!”
Kyle walks up to me as I step away from him. “You got it back?”
I nod, and turn to Maris. [It's all good now,] I say. [We're gonna go back to the food court now.]
“Maybe we oughta call them again,” Kyle says. “Maris’ parents.”
The mall’s PA system drowns out my response. “Fran M, please report to the bank near the District,” it says. “Fran M, please go to the bank near the District.”
“Wait,” Kyle says, “we found the–”
I get it now. Son of a bitch. I get it. “We should probably go see what he wants,” I say.

When we ride the escalator to the upper level, Maris looks at me. [That man from before,] she says, [I know him.]

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