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June 23

Don’t look at me like that, I loved Quantum Leap. “Okay,” the cop says. “I’m afraid we’re going to need more to go on, though.” “Well, look,” Kyle says, pointing to the security camera above him. “Can’t you pull the footage from that and find the guy’s face?” “It’s… it’s not that easy,” the cop [...]

June 22

[It's gonna be okay,] I say, grimacing. [I had the notebook stolen. Without it I can't contact the Order. We have a little problem.] [I wanna go home!] Maris wails. [I'm working on that!] I respond. [Just calm down.] “We gotta call the cops,” Kyle says. “I–” “Mall cop,” I say, pointing. Thankfully it happened [...]

June 21

I rush down the stairs. “Kyle!” I shout. “Kyle, come quick!” Hundreds of heads turn to face the mad girl running down the up escalator, and the other weird girl trailing a crazily-dressed little girl rushing towards me. The two people still on the escalator wisely get the hell out of my way. “I’ve been [...]

June 20

“No,” I cut her off, “I gave them my description, too.” I hadn’t accompanied Maris into the ladies’ room, after I had discovered that she had already gone once in this time period and knew the intricacies of the twenty-first century potty. Man, that had been an embarrassing conversation, no matter what language you speak. [...]

June 19

[What was that?] Maris asks. [What was what?] [This,] she says, making sloppy air quotes. [I don't get it. What does that mean?] [They're air quotes,] I say. [Kind of like, when you want to put something in quotes, but you're not writing or typing.] [Still don't get it,] Maris says. Well, maybe sarcasm is [...]

June 18

Maris leans over. [What's taking them so long?] she asks. [I don't know,] I say, distractedly, [maybe they can't find it in the drawer--] [No, not Miss Kyle,] Maris says. I wonder why she called her “mademoiselle”. [I mean, the Order or whatever. I like it here but I wanna go home, too.] The thought [...]

June 17

Half an hour later, the ice cream is finished, and Maris’ ‘parents’ are nowhere to be found. Time travel irritates me. I realize that this is something I’ve said on numerous occasions before, but in this particular instance, it bears freakin’ repeating. Time travel, and time travelers, would be doing me an incredible favor if [...]