July 28

“I guess you don’t,” she says, putting an arm around me.
“I do,” I say, “I just… it’s personal. I can’t… I mean, it’s not my place…”
“You’re doing it again,” Kyle says. “You’re gonna say, ‘I can’t put my problems on you.’ I want to help you,” she says. “It’s not putting a problem on me if I ask for it.”
“I know,” I say. “It’s… I’m not ready yet, Kyle. Sorry. I need some time to think about it.”
“It’s nothing to do with me, is it?” she says, her eyes softening. “I mean, we can say that about each other, right?”
“Oh, of course!” I say. “It’s totally not you. Really. It’s… sorry.”
“No problem,” she says. “Actually, there was something I wanted to ask you about. And, it’s kind of important.”
“Oh?” I ask. This sounds serious. Kyle only really says stuff’s ‘important’ when it’s a life-or-death thing. “Is everything okay?”
“Yeah,” she says, muting the television. “Better than okay. Fantastic, really. Remember that internship I was telling you about? The one with that startup about the tech rumors?”
“The New York thing?” I ask. “You got it?!”
“I did!” she says, grinning. “They want me to go out there this summer. I was even told that if they get enough venture capital this year, they might hire me directly at the end of the summer.”

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